Vidya Balan cried for hours after shooting this scene in ‘Begum Jaan’

Bollywood actress Vidya Balan starrer Begum Jaan is released in cinemas. The movie, directed by Srijit Mukherji, looks no less than an epic, from its trailer.

In the film, Vidya is playing a very strong character. This is touted to be Vidya’s most powerful role her career. But in real life, Vidya is quite emotional.

Recently, we are learning one of the interesting anecdotes from the sets. One story is about how Vidya Balan slapped one of her co-stars, and then brought the shooting to a halt.

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As the trailer of Begum Jaan tells us, Vidya essays the role of the Madam of a brothel. She has close to a dozen women working under her. Flora Saini, who plays one of the girls in the film narrated the story we are talking about.

While talking about her experience of working with Vidya, Flora could not stop gushing, and called her a superstar, who is grounded. “The way she took care of us, is amazing. It was very beautiful to see somebody so grounded. she did not mind sitting on the stairs with us, she did not demand for a chair. There is a scene where she is shown to be brutal. She is supposed to grab a girl by her hair and drag her, she started crying after the shot. She kept apologizing, and hugged the actress. Then the director asked for a retake, she looked at him and said “Are you kidding me? No!” The director had to remind her that she is Begum Jaan in the scene, asked her to come into the character. Reluctantly, she did one more but she kept on crying,” Flora said.

The fact that Vidya was sweet, caring and down to earth on the sets was also reiterated by Mishti Chakraborty, one of the actresses in the film. “I have never seen a superstar like Vidya Balan, who is so grounded, so down-to-earth. She is so simple yet she has an immense aura of power around her,” Mishti said.

During the conversation we figured it was Mishti with whom Vidya shot for the “slapping” scene. “After that scene, she is so soft-hearted, that she hugged me and cried for half an hour. She got so emotional. I told her that I am fine, but she kept on being apologetic about it. She thought I was crying for real, when I was only acting. Actually that scene is so real that everyone on the sets was crying. Even the people who were supposed to be ruthless, were crying.” Mishti said.

Well, we want surely to watch this scene on big screen.

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