Which is the largest aircraft by weight ever built?

Which is the largest aircraft by weight ever built

Answer: B) Antonov AN-225 Mriya

In the 1930s, a Calcutta businessman bought 10,000 acres from the local raja to found which town for Anglo-Indian settlers?

Answer: C McCluskieganj

Here are the questions Amitabh asks Bhavesh:

Which word means the opposite of the Hindi word “saral”?

Ans C) Jatil

In the film “Sholay“, what is the response to “Kitne aadmi thae“?

Ans C) 2 aadmi thae

What helps milk convert to curd?

Ans B) Bacteria

Identify the Ramon Magsaysay award winner. (Audio plays in the backdrop)

Ans A) Ravish Kumar

What are the muscles in front of your thighs called?

Ans D) Quadriceps

The hooter for the show to end sounds which means Bhavesh will continue playing in Thursday’s episode.

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