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When a woman mistakenly assumes Rajinikanth as a beggar and gave rs. 10

Rajinikanth is busy promoting his upcoming film ‘2.0’. He is doing his best to hit this movie. His film ‘Shivaji’ was a huge hit in the year 2007. While sharing a incident related to the film, Rajni told that he wants to thank God for the success of the film. 


The superstar who visited a temple in Bangalore in the guise of a humble old man was mistaken for a beggar by a woman who gave him Rs 10. It is said that once when Rajinikanth was inside a temple in his usual simple dress he sat down near a pillar for some time.

However a middle-aged Gujarati lady approached the actor and handed him a Rs 10 note taking pity on his appearance. Rajni who was stunned but adept at concealing surprises politely took the money and stepped into the shrine.

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After a while Rajni worship god and put all the money he have into the feet of god. The woman standing there was watching it all and release her mistake.


While Rajinikanth was leaving the temple, he headed toward his car and the lady who had offered him money ran towards him. The lady apologized to the actor and said she committed this mistake taking him to be a beggar.

The superstar simply responded by saying that it is indeed God’s way of reminding him every now and then where his place really is and that he isn’t a superstar.Only Rajinikanth can speak with such humility.

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