‘Yeh Rishta…’ actor Mohsin Khan reveals the details about his encounter with the traffic police

Television actor Moshin Khan who is currently playing the role of Kartik in popular daily soap ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ was reportedly taken to Bandra station on Thursday night.

Mohsin was fined by a traffic police cop for jumping a red light. But that did not end there, the actor had a heated argument with the cops.

As per reports, he said he was innocent and was ready to pay the penalty. However, it seems, he lost his cool when he was allegedly asked to pay a bribe of Rs 200. Mohsin went live on Instagram and also tweeted about the incident. The actor was taken to the Bandra Police Station and later the matter got resolved amicably.

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Mohsin captured the incident on his mobile phone, and went live on Instagram. He also took to Twitter to share his disappointment. He wrote, “They stop us for jumping the signal and asked for a bribe. Thats when i went live guys.”


 There were reports of him spending some time in the police station but he rubbished them. In a statement to India Forums, he clarified the matter saying, “I go to Mahim dargah every Thursday after pack up and I was coming back while this happened. I did not jump the signal but he thought I did. However, I was still ready to pay the fine and but he asked him for a bribe.”

“If any such thing ever happens with someone, they should be responsible and rather pay the fine, but never bribe. There hardly is any difference between the two, so you’d rather do the former and play your part well,” he further told the portal.

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