Yes! I have a European boyfriend, says Pooja Batra

Pooja Batra marked her onscreen presence in the ’90s with the hit “Virasat”. Decades later, the actress will be facing the arc lights yet again with two films, an investigative thriller, “Mirror Game”, and a Hollywood movie, “One Under the Sun”.

pooja batra

The actress is thrilled about the comeback. She says, “Facing the camera does make me happy. I have been doing films on and off actually. I believe I am still lucky to get offers. There are so many actors in the industry now, and some have even disappeared. If I keep getting movies with good roles, I will certainly opt for them.”

Mirror Game is going to be an investigative thriller. The story revolves around a wife who is either kidnapped, or killed. “I am not playing the wife,” she says. “I play the Police Psychologist, and I am on the run to find out the reality. It’s an interesting role as I am trying to analyse whether the protagonist has killed the wife or he’s fibbing.”

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Remembering her modeling career, she says that age does matter. While competing for Ms India, she used to worry about other people’s opinions too much! She advises young models, “Be original. Be confident. If you fall on the ramp, get up and walk as if nothing happened… I fell on my butt recently. But I got up, bowed, walked on. My fall was applauded.”

Talking about her personal life, Pooja says she is not ready for another marriage any time soon. After her divorce with orthopedic surgeon Dr Sonu Ahluwalia a few years back, she has been rumoured to be in a relationship with a European man.

Pooja finds marriage to be too much of a ‘knot’. “Yes! I have a European boyfriend… If you’re asking if marriage is on my mind,  it is not, simply because I am independent. I have my business to sustain.  Financially, I am self sufficient and would love to not be married as of now.”

When asked if she was, instead, living in with her boyfriend, she refused to answer. She felt the question to be way too personal and shot back, “Would you like being asked if you were having sex with your husband every night?”
Ouch! Touchy topic.


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