OMG! Chahatt Khanna’s car attacked by 14 drunk men on Holi


In a shocking turn of events, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain actress Chahatt Khanna experienced a horrific incident on the occasion of Holi. Yes, Chahatt Khanna’s car attacked by 14 drunk men in Mumbai.

Chahatt Khanna's car attacked

While talking to Spotboye, the actress reveals that she was travelling with her kids and staff when 14 drunken goons surrounded her car attacking her driver and harassed her family.

Narrating the horrific ordeal, the actress told SpotboyE, “Last evening around 7 pm, I was travelling in my car with my kids, maid and staff and suddenly, a car banged my car from behind. It happened at S V Road, Malad. My driver braked and we were all thrown forward. I looked behind and saw 6 burly men getting down from the car. 4 bikes carrying 8 more men were right with the car, one on either side. So, 14 men in all  surrounded my car.

Chahatt Khanna’s car attacked

They recognised me and aggravated their aggression. They started banging the door, abusing us no end. Soon, 25-50 people had gathered a few metres away from this hooliganism. My driver got sh** scared. I saw few Muslim uncles coming forward and telling me to go away from there ASAP and they were braving it out in front of those hooligans. But my driver had started shi**ing bricks by now, He just froze, he couldn’t dodge and veer the car forward,” she said.

The actor said her kids got scared and started crying in the car. Her driver was forced out of the vehicle and beaten up. They broke the glass of her car and danced on the bonnet. When the driver finally got back inside the car and drove away from the spot, the goons followed behind them. “A few metres down the road, I realised those 14 men had started following us. And they surrounded the car, once again – and started banging the door. At this point, it was great to see that the Muslim uncles had also followed us. This time though the miscreants had surrounded equally strongly and I told my driver to yet take it ahead, even if it amounts to the car hitting one of them,” she said.

She called the police and when the hooligans still followed them, she stepped out of the car to face them. “I took my chappals and threatened them. Worse still, 4 of them started getting physical with me. I decided to call the local MLA, but at this very juncture the cops arrived. Had they come 5 minutes later, I don’t know if I would have been alive,” she said. Chahatt also thanked the police for their action. “Hats off to the police and the present BJP government for this under which we have such an efficient system,” she said.

Well, the actress did not file an official complaint against the men. “I was asked if I was interested in filing an official complaint, but I just wanted my kids to reach home safely and so I chose to go home instead. I don’t think they will forget this incident throughout their lives,” she said. 

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