Bollywood Actor Santosh Shukla Praising Anamta



The capital of UP and the city of Nawabs Lucknow has a special connection with Bollywood. Many veteran artists, singers, actors who held from Lucknow made a mark in industry. Not only this, many big films have also been shot in this city and it continues to this day. Shooting of such a movie ‘Dosti Zindabad’ is currently underway in Lucknow. Bollywood actor Santosh Shukla thinks singer anamata can do wonders in acting as her screen presence is too awesome.

This movie is so special because the artists who are associated with this film are mostly resident of Lucknow. Especially the lead singer of this film Anamta Kamal. 


The film is being produced by the duo, Shailesh Maheshwari and Shruti Maheshwari. Conceptualization
and presentation is being handled by Aashish Maheshwari and the marketing is being done by Vivek
Vaswani. Sachin Aanand and Vishwajeet Bhattacharya are composing the music for the film.

The film’s director Ashish Maheswari also comes from Lucknow…

Ashish Maheswari, maker of Shreya Cinevision’s film ‘Dosti Zindabad’ also comes from Lucknow. Apart from these, Anand Shandilya the composer duo of Lucknow ‘Sachin-Anand’, who scattered the magic of his music in the movie world, told that his team includes his old friends Lyricist Kumar Manjul and cine singer Anamta Kamal, who also belongs from Lucknow. Who has sung the title track of ‘Dosti Zindabad’ with them.

Anamta Kamal is making her name in the world of music very fast..

anamta kamal

The lead singer of this movie is Anamta Kamal from Lucknow. He told that her music career had started two to three years ago. But she is learning music since childhood. Anamta has learned music from Bhatkhande. She also learned classical music. Anamta had earlier sang songs and even performed many singles with big singers. A few days ago, Anamta had a chance to sing in the film with singer Shan. 

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anamta kamal

Apart from this, he has done many shows in the country and in the world with many big singers and music directors like Aishwarya Madamdar, Mika, Shaan, Kanika Kapoor etc. Anamta has just written three songs and voices for a Bollywood movie recently.

Anamta sing a song with Sonu Nigam…

anamta kamal

Now talk about the music of the movie ‘Dosti Zindabad’. For the film ‘Dosti Zindabad’ along with music director ‘Sachin-Anand, Lucknow’s singer Anamta Kamal and Sonu Nigam also lend their voice. Apart from these, Sunidhi Chauhan and Rapster Avinash Singh have also sung in the film.

The film ‘Dosti Zindabad‘ is directed by well-known director Partho Ghosh. Who has given many superhit films to film industry like Dalal, Ghulam-e-Mustafa, Agni Sasakshi, Madhuri Dixit’s 100 Days etc.

Dosti Zindabad

It’s a multi starter film, Dev Sharma, Abbas Khan, Rahul Chaudhary, Sakshi Maggo, Apurv, Shakti Kapoor,
Kiran Kumar, Ayub Khan, Mohan Joshi, Ehsaan Khan and more.