After Akshay Kumar receives Backlash for FAU-G Co-founder says ‘The Game Is Not Trying To Copy Or Mimic PUBG’

On the evening of Wednesday, the Central Government of India, banned 118 Chinese mobile apps, including the popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG. After the ban on the game, the fans were very heartbroken and Twitter was Flooded with the breakdown of this decision. However, days after the ban Akshay Kumar came up with alternative Made-In-India Version of PUBG name FAU-G abbreviation of Fearless and United-Guards.

Akshay Kumar receives Backlash for FAU-G
Akshay Kumar receives Backlash for FAU-G

According to the reports, Times Now got into touch with Vishal Gondal, the co-founder of nCore who said that it is not a rip off of PUBG. He further said that “The game (Fau-G) is not trying to copy or mimic PUBG. The name of the game is attributed to @akshaykumar  & he was the one who came up with the association of Bharat ke Veer,” he even says that the motive of the game is to give the Indian gamers the feel and experience of a real soldier and battleground.

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