Bigg Boss 13: Akanksha Puri lashes out at Paras Chhabra, says he insulted our relationship

Bigg Boss 13 is one of the most-watched entertainment reality shows on Indian television. This celebrity season has turned out to be a blockbuster.

Akanksha Puri lashes out at Paras Chhabra

Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma’s closeness on Bigg Boss 13 has been a matter of discussion since the start.

Even Salman Khan bashed Paras and said his bond with Mahira Sharma is looking more than friendship. He also reminds Paras of his chat with girlfriend Akanksha Puri and the letter he sent to her saying that he is faking the romance with Mahira as it is all for cameras.

Akanksha Puri lashes out at Paras Chhabra

Now, Akanksha opened up on Paras and said that he actually insulted their relationship in front of the host, Salman Khan on show. The actress said, “I am not that kind of person, who will back out of something like just out of anger. I have stopped watching because that is my personal choice. I am close to his mother, I share a very close bond with her and he is the same guy with whom I have shared beautiful memories. Yes, I am hurt with Paras as he said few things on Weekend Ka Vaar in front of Salman sir and he actually insulted our relationship.”

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Puri also revealed how being an enthusiast, she helped Paras while packing up his wardrobe before entering the show. “I have hired a stylist for Paras, who manages and looks after his clothes. I had a meeting with her a few days ago, where we sat together and finalized all the clothes that he will be wearing on the show. From his casual attires to Weekend Ka Vaar outfits, we have zeroed in on everything,” Akanksha shared.

Meanwhile, Mahira Sharma gets evicted in mid-week eviction.

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