Angad Bedi undergoes knee surgery, Neha Dhupia shoots him right before he goes inside operation theatre

Bollywood actor Angad Bedi who is shooting for his next, Balaji’s MumBhai at Mazgaon Docks in South Bombay has sustained an injury in his right knee during shooting.

Angad Bedi undergoes knee surgery

The actor was shooting for an action sequence when the actor busted his right knee. And now, after a month the actor underwent for his knee surgery.

 Recently, Angad shared a video recorded by wifey Neha Dhupia right before his knee surgery. He is being strolled in for the surgery while Neha is cheering him up before the same.

Angad Bedi undergoes knee surgery

The actor captioned his post as: “That’s me minutes before going in for knee surgery… I think my nerves got me talking too much… captured by my wifey ( also pls note she has no clue which knee is injured 🤪🙈) but I still love her too much … stay tuned for more … will keep u posted with more videoes if I’m not dying in pain 😤😎 … #AngadsKneedy #Vlog1”

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In the video, Neha is also seen taking down orders for Angad”s meals. “I have been starving for almost 8 hours,” Angad said. To which Neha added: “This is the longest you”ve gone without a meal.

We wish Angad a speedy recovery.

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