Anupam Kher joined National Anthem debate, asked why can’t people stand for 52 seconds!


There is a debate across the country whether the national anthem should be played at cinemas and public places or not.

Now, Actor and Film and Television Institute of India Chairperson Anupam Kher on Monday questioned why people could not stand up for 52 seconds for the national anthem.

The actor said, if people can wait at restaurants or party venues, why can’t they stand for 52 seconds for the National Anthem in cinema halls.

“Some people are of the opinion that standing up for the national anthem should not be made mandatory,” said Kher. “But for me, standing up for the national anthem shows the upbringing of that person. We stand up in respect in front of our father or teacher, similarly standing up for the national anthem shows respect towards our nation.”

The actor made the comment in Pune where he received the Pramod Mahajan memorial award.

Along with Mr Kher, Shayara Bano, the original petitioner in the triple talaq case, was also conferred with the award, constituted in the name of the late BJP leader.

Kher, while raking up the ‘award waapsi’ issue, said, “At the age of 15, I learnt how to deal with failure so these ‘award waapsi’ people cannot scare me,” he said. He also said his father had taught him how to face failure when he could not clear his examination as a 15-year-old.

The Pramod Mahajan Memorial Awards are given by city-based organisation Muktachhand, run by BJP MLA Medha Kulkarni. Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar handed over the awards.