Kriti Kharbanda wants to SLAP Hina Khan for her ‘BULGING’ comment on south actresses!

Bigg Boss Season 11 has managed to grab all the attention because of its controversial content. The show, most recently has stirred yet another controversy.

Yes, In one of the recent episode, Hina Khan has once again grabbed headlines with her comments on the South Indian Film Industry.

The television actress was seen discussing the South industry with few inmates when she talked how the actress concerned may have been asked to put on weight by the directors because they like their heroines “bulging”. She confesses that she rejected two big projects in South Indian film industry as they asked her to gain weight.

Well, this comment of Hina Khan on how South Indian actresses didn’t go well among the South Indian film fraternity. She was slammed by a lot of South heroines for her comment on the show.

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But there is also a bollywood actress who wants to slap Hina on this issue. Wonder who we are talking about? Well, it is none another than actress Kriti Kharbanda.

During an exclusive interview with, when the actress was asked about the whole controversy, She said, “I had great respect for Hina Khan before that. She is a very big name on television. That is not how you talk about people. You can look at me, I have been an actress down south (and I am not bulgy). There is no need to (say such things on national television). It’s rather unfortunate that an actor is talking like that, and an actor of that caliber, that too.”

“I am very mad (at her). I am very angry (at her). I do not support that statement. And the south industry – be it Tamannaah, be it Kajal Aggarwal, be it Samantha Ruth Prabhu, be it anybody – our weight is our issue, if we want to gain weight we gain weight. Koi suli pe nahi chadha raha aapko that you have to do it (No one is going to hang us to death for that). No one has ever asked me to do it. I know for a fact that no one has ever been asked to do it. I was asked to gain some weight for Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana. The director Ratna Sinha told me that she didn’t want the character to look like a girl who hits the gym regularly. She wanted the character to look like a nice, bubbly young girl. So what now am supposed to hold that against Ratna mam? I am sorry but I am getting really pissed off (talking about this matter).” she added.

She further added, “I am very angry. That’s not how you talk about an industry. It’s all about characters you play. Even Rajkummar Rao put on so much weight for his character in Bose. So what? We are all playing characters. I am sorry I am going to say this out loud, if someone asked her to put on weight, they probably needed it for the character. How so you know? What do you mean ‘bulging, bulging’ do thappad khayegi udhar hi (she will slapped then and there itself from me).”

Check out the video here:

Before Kriti, South actress Hansika Motwani lashed out at Hina for her comment.

In a series of tweets, Hansika expressed her anger and wrote, “What is this suppose to even mean?How can she even degrade south industry like this ? #shamehinakhan. Doesn’t she know a lot of Bollywood actors hv worked & are working in the our south industry ! Shame on you #hinakhan for trying 2demean us.”

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