Arhaan Khan on Rashami Desai: She is playing the woman card to be in the limelight

Bigg Boss contestants Rashami Desai and ex-Boyfriend Arhaan Khan have been in the news over their leaked bank statements controversy.

Arhaan Khan on Rashami Desai

It all started when some fans accused Arhaan of transferring her money to his account while she was inside the ‘BB 13’ house.

Arhaan, while talking to a leading daily, has accused for making false allegations against him.

Arhaan Khan on Rashami Desai

“Let me make it clear that my family has never stayed at Rashami’s house. The reason is that they were against my relationship with her. I have maintained silence on the topic because I didn’t want to wash dirty linen in public. For Rashami, it could be a way to be in the limelight. She announced the break-up in the media, rather than being mature about it and telling me first,” Arhaan told Times Of India.

Recently, during the live chat, Rashami said that Arhaan’s phone was secured by her thumbprint because it was given by her to him. However, Arhaan claims that she never gifted him a phone but it was secured by her thumbnail because of her past insecurities. He said, “She has never gifted me a phone. My mobile phone was secured by her thumb impression because of her past insecurities. Unka doubt karne ka aur possessive nature ki wajah se unhone mera phone apne thumbprint se secure kiya tha so that she could check it any time. Having said that, I had no issues with it.”

As per Arhaan, his silence has been interpreted as his guilt and so he was forced to speak up. He claimed, “I don’t seek sympathy from anyone. I will stand up for what is right. I think woh yeh sab drama karke logo ki sympathy le rahi hain. I have stayed quiet for long, because of which people assume that I am wrong. However, it’s high time that I spoke up.”

Arhaan opened up on withdrawing money from her account without her knowledge and said that she is playing the woman card to gain sympathy. He was quoted as saying, “She blew the issue of cheques out of proportion and accused me of siphoning off Rs 15 lakh from her account. You see, I can’t withdraw any money from her account if I don’t have a cheque signed by her. I couldn’t have signed it on her behalf. As far as the unknown transactions amounting to around Rs eight lakh is concerned, it has gone to Rashami’s chartered accountant. I have all the proof to substantiate my claim. I acted on her instructions and sent these cheques to the people she had asked me to, before she left for ‘Bigg Boss’. I have also shared the details with her. These are baseless allegations, either to malign and defame me ya khud ko Sati Savitri bataane ke liye. She is playing the woman card to gain everyone’s sympathy. This is what she did even inside the house.”

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He concluded by saying, “She can’t take all the credit for the relationship; I, too, had given it all. And she keeps talking about doing me favours. Aisa nahi hai ki mere paas rehne ko ghar nahi tha, ki main road par tha toh ye mujhe utha kar apne ghar laayi. It would be better if we avoided levelling false allegations against each other and focused on work. We should be fearful of God and not lie. I have all the proof to show that all her claims are baseless and false.”

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