Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arhaan Khan’s stylist accuses him of not returning clothes, shoes

Bigg Boss 13 may have ended but the contestants are continuously making headlines for many reasons.

Arhaan Khan’s stylist accuses him of not returning clothes

Recently, Paras Chhabra accused of not returning clothes to his stylist. And now another stylist named, Akansha Aggarwal has come up with a similar complaint against Arhaan Khan.

Opening about it to SpotboyE, Akansha told, “I have styled Arhaan Khan for ‘Bigg Boss Season 13’. I was on collaboration terms with him. But he has not returned the outfits, shoes, accessories and covered my expenses. I got this project in October 2019 and since then I was styling him for ‘Bigg Boss Season 13’. And now, whenever I ask him for the outfits, he is making excuses like my bag is inside the Bigg Boss house which is the biggest lie as confirmed by a concerned person from the show.”

Arhaan Khan’s stylist accuses him of not returning clothes

Akansha said that it has been two months since he is out of the show but he is neither answering her calls nor responding to her text messages. “We, as a stylist put our image and reputation on the table to get clothes from designers for these celebrities but such people have no respect and responsibility. I am in this industry since 4 years and worked with many celebrities but have not faced such kind of issues with any other celebrity till date,” said the stylist.

 However, Arhaan had a completely different story to say. He shared with the portal, “Not Akansha but Rohit Roy was my stylist. She was assisting him and as he was travelling she was sending me clothes inside. Talking about her stuff being missing, so what exactly happened was kai kapde Bigg Boss ke ghar se hi wapas nahi aaye. Whenever I used to coordinate with Meghna from production house who used to look after all this, I was told that clothes will be sent but were never sent back. Even when my eviction happened, it was a sudden one, so I didn’t get time to pack my stuff. When first time I came out I had some four-five brooches which other contestants took from me and placed on their mikes if you all have seen in the episodes. After which Bigg Boss asked them to remove it as it was creating hustle in audio. They were very normal brooches so I don’t think that accessories are such a big deal. Still I asked them to return it so that I can give them back but it never came to me. Then task happened where housemates were asked to steal the stuff and keep in sandookh as I was not inside they stole a lot of stuff, including my personal perfume and all. Apparently vo saari chize bhi mere pass nahi aayi hai abtak wahan se. So, I don’t think I should be blamed for not returning things when it has not even come back to me.”

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When asked why is Arhaan avoiding stylist’s calls, he said, “That’s an absolute lie as my staff is in touch with her constantly and we are figuring out how to get the stuff back from Endemol team. I don’t know what made her to come up with these allegations, probably the recent article on Paras has provoked her to do this and get some limelight. I don’t think there is so much stuff that one has to go and do all this. Maximum number of clothes were sent by my stylist who is in Jaipur and his stuff also got lost in this process but he has understood the situation and not created a scene like her.”

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