Arjun Rampal starrer ‘Daddy’ movie review is here!

Complete review of ‘Daddy’

Star Cast:  Arjun Rampal, Aishwarya Rajesh, Rajesh Shringarpore, Nishikant Kamat, Farhan Akhtar

Director: Ashim Ahluwalia

Producer: Arjun Rampal, Rutvij Patel

Music Director: Sajid–Wajid

Rating: 2.5/5*

Daddy tells the story of a man who is, in equal measure, fascinating and repellant. Arun Gawli, son of a jobless mill worker, sets himself on the path to gangsterdam, becoming a larger-than-life persona, worshipped and feared by his constituency. The film is also the second big venture of filmmaker Ashim Ahluwalia whose Miss Lovely earned applause for Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the international market.

Arjun Rampal starrer 'Daddy'

Story of the movie:

The film starts off with a broad in-house murder of a certain MLA Mhatre. This is followed by the viewers being treated to the inroads of Dagdi Chawl of the year 1976, which has been a witness to the rise of the staunch Lord Shiva devotee Arun Gulab Gawli from being a mere mill worker’s son to a dreaded don to a politician.

The film, then, mirrors all the flashback of events which speaks about the formation of BRA (Babu, Rama, Arun) members who were the key people behind many nefarious activities. One day, at the behest of his wife Zubeida (Aishwarya Rajesh), Arun Gawli decides to leave his entire criminal past behind and start a new life. Just as when he goes to meet his friend Rama to announce his decision of leaving the world of crime, he witnesses a board daylight ‘encounter’ of Rama at the hands of Inspector Vijaykar Nitin (Nishikant Kamat) and his fellow policemen.

Seeing this, Arun reverses his decision to leave the crime world. The film, then, starts oscillating between the past and the present. Inspector Vijaykar leaves nothing to chance in his attempts to put Arun behind bars. Despite all the odds being against him, Arun still manages to contest the elections and eventually wins it by a huge margin. What happens to Inspector Vijaykar and his never-say-die attempts to jail Arun, what happens to Arun and his tryst with politics, does Arun become successful to leave his past behind and start a new life is what forms the rest of the film.

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The film’s direction is good and director Ashim Ahluwalia has shown the story of the gangster on the screen very well. Location and cinematography is also good but director failed to show the character of don (Maksood) properly. There is nothing new in the film. After watching the movie, you will feel as if you have watched such movies many times before. The way to show the story is also very faded, it can be made better. 

Star Cast Performance:

Arjun Rampal has played the role of Arun Gawli in the best possible way. Arjun Rampal is seen giving the film his everything in order to make this role a memorable one. Arjun’s voice and his dialogue are good. 

Arjun Rampal is followed a close second by the multi-talented Nishikant Kamat, who spells ‘class’ in the role of Inspector Vijaykar Nitin. One really wonders as to from how does Nishikant manage to look different in all his films in which he has acted.

Daddy sees the debut of Aishwarya Rajesh, who happens to be a well-known name in the south film industry. Even though she does not have a powerful role in the film, she does manage to shine (with sincerity) in whatever screen space that she gets.

One really wonders as to what Farhan Akhtar was doing in this film. Even though he plays the role of a don, he comes across like a total misfit, except for his costumes.

Arjun Rampal starrer 'Daddy'

Music Direction:

The film’s music is fine. Background music has become much better.  The film’s music does not act as a deterrent in the film’s progress, there are hardly any memorable songs in the film, except for the melodious ‘Eid Mubarak’.

Watch Or Not: 

If you like to watch movies based on crime, gangster and you are the fan of Arjun Rampal, then only go to watch the movie.

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