Arti Singh says her mother did not eat for three days after her rape attempt story

Arti Singh was one of the strongest contestants of the Bigg Boss 13 house. She emerged as the 5th runner up of the show.

Arti Singh says her mother did not eat for three days

Well, during her stay in Bigg Boss house, she makes a bold confession saying that she was locked in a room and was almost raped when she was just 13 years old.

Now post this episode Arti’s family members had reacted where Kashmeer her sister – in –law said that they were shocked to know about and her mother was in shock.

Arti Singh says her mother did not eat for three days

In her recent interview with Pinkvilla, she spoke about how her mother did not eat for a few days post her confession. She was quoted saying, “Everyone was very worried. My mom didn’t eat for three days and was on phone calls with everyone. She even asked Krushna to get me out of the house as he knows people in the channel. But he said it would mean Arti backing out and it would defeat her in the game.”

She further added, “Mom was very upset, she said I could have shared the incident in fewer words and not gone into details. I know Krushna has said I said a bit too much in the flow. But the attempt happend and he was taken aback when I told him word to word about it. I just wanted to share that it happens with almost everyone. I am glad, touchwood, it did not happen. But it was an attempt and I was saved as I jumped.”

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“There was a time when people wanted to sweep it all under the carpet and my mom is upset even now that i talked about it. She said it was not needed. But I told her not every thing is needed but certain things should be said at the right time. I did not say anything till now but I got the courage when I saw Laxmi (Aggarwal, acid attack survivor),” said Arti Singh.

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