Bigg Boss 13: Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra gets into a verbal spat over kitchen duties

Bigg Boss house is always occupied with unexpected drama, which is getting intenser by each passing day.

Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra gets into a verbal spat

In tonight episode Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra will get into an ugly fight over household duties.

The clip begins with Rashami telling Paras to cook parathas; however, he declines to oblige, stating that he doesn’t know how to. Asim then jumps into the conversation and tells Paras that he has no other choice than to cook. This doesn’t go down well with Mahira and Paras, who accuse Asim of being Rashami’s spokesperson and call her weak.

Asim Riaz and Paras Chhabra gets into a verbal spat

Arti tries to make Asim understand that he is unnecessarily getting involved in Rashami’s matter and he should let her talk, if she has a problem. Soon, a war of words takes place between Asim and Paras. Then, Vishal interferes and takes Asim away.

Check out the video here:

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Meanwhile, Asim also gets into a fight with Sidharth Shukla during BB Elite Club task. The fight almost got physical when Paras Chhabra intervened and tried to calm Sidharth down.

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