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Celebrities Who Got Married In Old Age!

From A-list movie stars to talk-show hosts to comedians, some of the biggest names in show business made sure to sow all of their wild oats before settling down. And while some couples are no longer an item, all of these duos waited until after they turned 40 to say “I do” for the first or second time. Take a look:

1.Suhasini Mulay

Suhasini Mulay and Atul Gurtu

Suhasini Mulay has broken age-related stereotypes by not only getting hitched at the age of 60 but also by using the medium of the new age the Internet to find her Mr Right. She proved that dreams have no expiry date. She walked the aisle at 60, in 2011, to then 65-year-old particle physicist, Atul Gurtu. Despite their age factor and poles apart profession, the couple started a life together.

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According to the reports, Mulay was in a live-in relationship in the 1990s, which did not work out well. The actress remained single for almost two decades after parting ways with her former lover.

The five time national awardee and popular screen mom reveals that she met 65-year-old physicist Atul Gurtu online. Mulay, who has won acclaim for her roles “Hu Tu Tu”, “Dil Chahta Hai” and “Lagaan”, said he was her Facebook friend and she met the particle physicist only after months of chatting online.

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