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Shah Rukh Khan opens up about his BIG fight with Salman Khan

Ever since Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan have reunited, the two have been supporting each other – be it their films or any other issue.

A few years back, they had a fallout, post which they stopped speaking to each other. But the duo sorted their differences recently and now, they are the best of friends.

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The actors tweeting at each other to praise their movies. And now they are even acting together. SRK is all set to make a tattooed cameo in Salman’s upcoming Tubelight.

Shah Rukh Khan even mentioned how such incidents are blown out of proportion when it happens with stars. As the superstar revealed in an interview to a leading daily saying, “Just recently, while Salman and I were shooting for Tubelight, we were feeling ashamed of whatever was published about us over the years. When not-so-good things happen with us stars, it is blown out of proportion. We are also like common people. Even today I may disagree with Salman or anyone else. At times, we may like or dislike someone’s actions. It’s just the point of view that varies.”

So after sorting his issues with Salman, has SRK also settled the matter with others? SRK replied, “Yaar, mein sabse ladta nahin hoon (I don’t fight with everyone). I cannot hold a grudge against anyone. Life has given me so much that I always love everyone. It’s just that I am an emotional person. The names you’re talking about – Pritish Nandy and Arjun Rampal. Mera kissi se jhagada nahin hua hai (I have not fought with them). I have no idea what you are talking about unless something of that sort is written in the media.”

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