Humari Bahu Silk actress Chahat Pandey tried to commit suicide after makers didn’t pay the cast

Humari Bahu Silk actor Zaan Khan recently revealed that his co-star Chahat Pandey tried to commit suicide due to non-payment of dues by the producers.

Chahat Pandey tried to commit suicide

According to a report in Pinkvilla, Zaan showed his angst against the producers’ negligence and unethical behaviour towards the crew. He also revealed that due to the producers not paying up on time, Chahat Pandey, who played his on-screen wife Pakhi, tried to commit suicide.

He said, “Chahat had actually attempted to commit suicide, but it was her mother who came to her rescue. Her mother stopped her from taking the drastic step. She has struggled a lot to be an actress, this money means a lot to her. It is the first time that she has earned such a big amount, but to her sheer bad luck, she is deprived of this also. She is the sole earning member in her family, her father is no more, and she has two small Brothers and a mother to look after.”

Zaan added, “I’ve been receiving calls from my crew members, asking for help. They are asking me to talk to the producers and help them get their money back. We all have put in our hearts and souls during those 8 months of shooting, setting dada, spot dada, and others’ are crying and pleading on calls just to get their own money back.”

The actor seems to be on his last resource of patience, “We have given the producers enough time, we waited for 6 months patiently, but they don’t want to pay any heed. They just don’t give a ‘f**k’ about people’s lives anymore.”

On this, Chahat has refuted this and said that it has been a misunderstanding. As per a report in SpotboyE, Chahat said, “Actually, one day my mother was very angry and we were having a discussion in a group call about this issue. And she just said, ‘Agar meri beti ne kuch ulta seedha kar liya toh kaun zimedar hoga. I think that must have led to the confusion. But ab paani sar ke uppar se jaa chuka hai, sab ki haalat kharab hai. Main nahi chahti koi bhi aaisa galat kadam uthaaye.”

Chahat Pandey tried to commit suicide

Presenting his side of the story, producer Jyoti said that in fact, he is the victim as all the blame has been shifted on to him.

In a statement via Times of India, Gupta said, “I, from Silver Ivory Productions, was the Line Producer of ‘HAMARI BAHU SILK’. The main producers of the show were Klay Picture LLP helmed by Devyani Rale and Sudhanshu Tripathi along with ZEE. I was made part of the Show much at a later stage, before me there was Global Productions owned by Mr. Sohaib Hassan who were responsible for the line production of the Show. Global was also associated with the Show because it was investing money as well with Klay. It is a shame that we are to see this day where conveniently all the blame has shifted onto me when all I have done is everything in the best of my capacity to assist, run and continue with the shoot with the limited resources and in such chaotic situations.”

Gupta further added,“Klay had not handed over the show completely to me as reported in media; they were very much the producer of the show all along, my role was limited to managing the execution work that is all.”

Stating that Zee was not happy the way Klay handled the show, Gupta said, “After that they (Zee) stopped releasing the payment to Klay from October end thus, stopping any payment due to me too. The reason seems to be the breach committed by Klay by not informing ZEE officially about our understanding as per the contract of ZEE with Klay. The show went off air in November first week and Klay also disappeared.”

“Today, people are blaming me, mocking me for non-payment despite me giving it all that I could in the position I am. So, I AM ALSO THE VICTIM in the same way as others are. In the end, I just wish and pray that better sense will prevail, and ZEE will release the payment at the earliest,” Gupta concluded.

Humari Bahu Silk aired on ZeeTV last year and was pulled off air in just five months.

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