Danish Zehen’s Instagram account reactivated, Vikas Gupta shares this good news


Danish Zehen, a contestant of reality series Ace of Space died in a tragic car accident on December 20.

Danish Zehen's Instagram account reactivated

According to reports, Danish, was coming back from a wedding when his car met with an accident in Vashi.

Soon after his death, Instagram had de-activated Danish’s account and this created quite the furore on social media.

Danish Zehen’s Instagram account reactivated

Post that, Vikas Gupta along with Danish’s fans had requested Instagram to restore his account and looks like they’ve finally heard their pleas.

And now, Danish Zehen’s Instagram account has finally been re-activated and the good news has been shared by Vikas Gupta.

He wrote, “Thank you @instagram and everyone else who tweeted , messages , commented and sent messages to #Instagram to get #danishzehen account back. Congratulations #fambruharmy and everyone else who loved and keeps Danish in their #Zehen @danish_zehen you will always be around and your memories will always be there. Keep Smiling where ever you are My #Houseguest #Famly #AceOfSpace P.S. everything is possible if you really attempt for it.”

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Danish Zehen was not just a YouTuber and a lifestyle blogger from Mumbai but also the brand ambassador of Gillette and as a social media influencer, he promoted various brands. He began his career with Justin Bieber hairstyle which became an instant hit and got him a lot of attention and fan following.

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