Do you know who played ‘Jadoo’ in Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Koi Mil Gaya’?

Many movies are made for children which have something special for them. One such movie was Hrithik Roshan starrer, 2003 Bollywood science fiction film ‘Koi Mil Gaya’. In the film, Hrithik portrayed the character of mentally disabled boy Rohit. But even more, the important thing was aliens who come from another planet. Whose name was Jadoo?

You have seen that movie very interested but do you know who played the “Jadoo” in the film?


Well, the man who entertained masses behind the mask of Jadoo, the alien in “Koi Mil Gaya”, was actor Indravadan Purohit.


It was after 11 years since the film’s release, that pictures revealing the face of the man who played the alien ‘Jadoo’ came into the limelight. Indravadan Purohit who played the role of ‘Jadoo’ in the film was always kept a secret by director Rakesh Roshan.

Hrithik Roshan had told in an interview that the Jadoo costume was constructed from Australia. This costume was designed by Artist James Callner.

Let me tell you that it took one year to build this costume. There were many special features in this. And its eyes were created by being influenced by both humans and animals.

Director of the film Rakesh Roshan had told in an interview that in a scene of ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, many elephants come in front of ‘Jadoo’ and Jadoo gets scared. But in reality, when the elephants were brought to the set, they were scared of seeing the ‘Jadoo’, and this scene was very difficult to shoot.

The actor was part of SAB TV’s favorite kid show “Baal Veer” where he played the role of Dooba Dooba 2.

Indravadan Purohit and his wife Rekha and daughter. Indravadan Purohit has acted in over 250 films so far, in six languages.

The actor has been part of the entertainment world for almost 5o years. Indravadan Purohit is no more. He died on September 28, 2014.

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