Here is what Raj Kundra has to say on the FIR filed against him and wife Shilpa Shetty

The Maharashtra police on Thursday lodged a criminal case against Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra with the Thane police station for allegedly duping a textile firm owner of Rs 24 lakh.

The FIR was filed after the owner alleged that the couple collected the amount on his behalf but did not pay him, a police said.

The complaint was filed by Ravi Mohanlal Bhalotia, who said in his statement, “They bought bedsheets worth Rs 1.5 crore from me in 2015. I handed over the items to them, for which they paid Rs 1.44 crore in January 2016. When I approached them, they made several false promises and convinced me to give them another consignment of bedsheets worth Rs 18 lakh in July 2016. But they never paid me for it”

Raj has now reacted to the whole issue. In a statement issued, he has said, “The vendor is misusing his connections in various stations. This is a civil matter and an abuse of the law. We have tight contracts signed and on the contrary, the vendor owes us money for not fulfilling orders. Best deal is unfortunately being wound up due to the business failing and we are following the laws of the land to close the various matters properly.”

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“We are filing a case against the vendor tomorrow and my legal team will go and meet the officials who have registered this bogus case.” he added.

Raj also tweeted about the issue. He wrote, “It is the duty of the cops registering a case to check contracts and if they had they would not have registered this fake case! #sad!!

In another tweet he also wrote: “Sadly It’s so easy to register FIR’s in India, a complete misuse of power by a crooked vendor #bhalotia who owes best deal money!Will counter.”

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