‘I am not Zaira Wasim’ says Babita Phogat after netizens demand suspension of her Twitter account

Wrestler-turned politician Babita Phogat has recently hitting the headlines with her tweets on Tablighi Jamaat.

'I am not Zaira Wasim' says Babita Phogat

The actress had said that the Muslim sect was a bigger problem than the Coronavirus pandemic in India.

She tweeted, “कोरोना वायरस भारत की दूसरे नंबर की सबसे बड़ी समस्या है। जाहिल जमाती अभी भी पहले नंबर पर बना हुआ है। #jahiljamati (Coronavirus is the second biggest problem in India, uncivilised Jamaati, however, are India’s number one).”

However, Babita’s tweet didn’t go down well with several Twitter users and they even trended the hashtag #SuspendBabitaPhogat. They asked the micro-blogging site to suspend her account for posting controversial comments and offending the people.

‘I am not Zaira Wasim’ says Babita Phogat

And now, she has tweeted a video defending her point of view. Phogat begins the video by saying that she has been receiving a lot of hate messages on Twitter and Facebook for tweeting about those who attended the Tablighi Jamaat congregation. She says that she has also received threats for the same. “I am not Zaira Wasim that you can scare me with your threats. I am Babita Phogat and I have and will continue to fight for my country,” said Phogat in the video.

She goes on to say that there is nothing wrong about what she had tweeted and that she still stands by it. “If the Tablighi Jamaat people hadn’t spread coronavirus, the lockdown would have been lifted by now and we would have defeated the virus already,” she further added.

Now, Zaira Wasim has taken to social media to write and elaborate note urging people to not praise her in any manner. Although, the ‘Dangal’ actress didn’t name Babita, she said that she is not as righteous as she ‘might lead many to believe’.

“With I acknowledge with humility all the love people shower me with. I cannot emphasise enough how the praise that comes my way isn’t gratifying at all for me and how big of a test it is for me and how dangerous it is for my Iman. I’m not as righteous as I might lead many to believe. Instead, I urge everyone to not praise me in any manner but to pray that Allah overlooks my shortcomings- which are too many to count, and fills the void in my heart with the light of His Mercy, Taqwz and increases me in Imaan, rectifies my intentions and grants me the knowledge that is beneficial and to perform righteous deeds only for hos His sake and allow me to live and die as a Muslim (wholly submitting to Him). Jazakum Allahu Khayran,” Zaira said in a statement.

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Meanwhile, Zaira had quit Bollywood last year as she felt it led her to a path of ignorance and she ‘silently and unconsciously transitioned out of imaan. She was last seen in Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar starrer ‘The Sky Is Pink’.

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