#MeToo: Kailash Kher opens up on sexual harassment allegations on him

In the wake of #MeToo movement, singer Kailash Kher was accused of sexually harassing by a number of women.

Kailash Kher opens up on sexual harassment

A few months ago, singer Sona Mahapatra had shared her alleged unethical experience with the singer. Soon after that, at least four other women raised allegations against him.

Sona, in an interview, had said she would not lodge a police complaint against Kailash but would make sure he doesn’t repeat his alleged actions in future.

Kailash Kher opens up on sexual harassment

Reacting to the same, Kailash said: “Everyone has their own thinking. If I accuse someone only by taking that individual’s name over and over again then, nothing will come out of it. If you will take legal recourse against that person, then it becomes another matter altogether.

“If I tell you that I will not make a complaint against that individual, but still I will accuse him of doing certain criminal activity, then I feel it’s not an authentic complaint.”

Does he feel Sona’s allegations are baseless? Kailash said: “No. I will not decide what is right and what is wrong. I have never accused someone. I am living my life. We are simple human beings and we focus on creating music.”

On his upcoming projects, Kailash said: “We are now doing live concert of Kailasa all over India and the world. Along with that, we are working on our new album. It is named as ‘Tham Ja’.”

Kailash has sung a song in Dokyala Shot.

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