Kangana Ranaut asks PM Modi to scrap Article 370 in J&K, here’s why

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has always been in news for her controversial statements. 

Kangana Ranaut asks PM Modi to scrap Article 370

Recently, the actress is once again making headlines for her recent comments on the Pulwama terror attacks. 

In an interview with National Reporter, Manikarnika actress Kangna Ranaut on Thursday called on the Modi government to come together and scrap article 370 that grants special status to Jammu and Kashmir and also limits the powers of the Parliament for making laws concerning the state. 

Kangana Ranaut asks PM Modi to scrap Article 370

She said, “It is my sincere request to our prime minister (Narendra Modi) that Article 370 should be completely scrapped. I feel that after so many years of Independence, no state in our country should face confusion as to where they belong.”

She further added, “The Pakistani movie-going audience always shower us with love and ideally there should be a line drawn. But, having said that, everything that religion of its own, including war. In fact, I feel Pakistani people should draw inspiration from us, the way we (Indians) have come together in unity for our soldiers, our government and our soil.”

Commenting on the ban, she said, “There should be no conflict. If families of the soldiers are hurt then why should we entertain Pakistani artists? Emotions of the families are most important right now.”

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What is Article 370?

Article 370 of the Indian Constitution grants special status to Jammu & Kashmir. As per the Article, the government of J&K has separate laws for its residents. These laws include citizenship, fundamental rights, and property ownership. However, except for laws related to defense, foreign affairs, finance, and communications, the Parliament requires the J&K state government’s agreement for applying all the other laws in the state.


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