Karan Johar is constantly crying after receiving hatred over Sushant Singh Rajput’s death

Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise has stunned the entire film industry. Everyone in Bollywood is in shock and are expressing grief over his death.

Karan Johar is constantly crying

The actor committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan on June 14. The actor reportedly suffering from clinical depression.

After Sushant’s demise, the reports emerged that the actor was let down by many Bollywood stars.

Karan Johar is constantly crying

Filmmaker Karan Johar has been constantly facing the wrath of the netizens. During an interaction with Bollywood Hungama, filmmaker’s close friend revealed that after receiving hatred post Sushant’s death, he has been left ‘shattered’.

“Karan is a broken man. After being trolled for years he thought he had developed a thick skin. But the brutal hatred that he has received after Sushant’s death has left him shattered.” Karan’s friend revealed.

Speaking about what affected Karan the most, his friend said, “It’s the fact that those close to him are being attacked that makes Karan feel really guilty. His 3-year old twins are getting death threats. Somebody like Ananya Pandey who has no connection with Sushant, had a hater on the social media platform asking her to commit suicide to compensate for Sushant’s death.”

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Karan’s friend also revealed that on his lawyers’ orders, the filmmaker will not come out to talk about it or release a statement. “Better to keep mum. Karan is in no condition to speak. The fight has gone out of him. He looks like a man beaten by fate. It’s not a pleasant experience to speak to Karan. He breaks down and cries when we call him. He is constantly crying and asking what he has done to deserve this,” the friend told the portal.

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