Bigg Boss 13: Kashmera slams Vikas Gupta during captaincy task, calls him flipper

One of the most controversial shows Bigg Boss 13 is just few days away from it’s finale. To make the show more interesting, makers have introduced the ‘connection week’ in which the family members & friends of the remaining contestants will stay with them in the house for a week.

Kashmera slams Vikas Gupta during captaincy task

And now, in tonight episode, housemates family members are going to be a part of the task, which will help in deciding the captain of the house.

Kashmera slams Vikas Gupta during captaincy task

In the promo, Vikas Gupta is seen discussing task strategies with his team members as the teams have to collect money & then put in in the lockers. However, Kashmera gets furious as Vikas tells others what to do and an argument takes place between them. During the argument, Kashmera blasts Vikas saying, “Arti ka saga ban raha hai mere se zyada? Tere se bada flipper nahi hai, tu mujhe mat sikha.”

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On a related note, Sidharth, Arti, Vishal & Shehnaaz got nominated for eviction this week & it’ll be interesting to see who will finally bid the show this week.

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