Krishnudu Arrested for Illegal Gambling

News broke recently that Tollywood actor Krishnudu had been arrested for participating in illegal gambling activity. The activity in question was a game of poker.

Krishnudu, born Alluri Krishnam Raju, is famous for his roles in Telugu cinema (more famously known as Tollywood) productions. These films are produced in the Telugu language and Krishnudu is a familiar face in them.

As a result of his recent arrest, Krishnudu is now dealing with significant legal issues, gambling experts justgamblers reporting that his problems have come about as a result of taking part in a poker game at a function he was attending.

Group apprehended after a tip-off

Police arrested Krishnudu and seven other people after receiving a tip-off. They then filed a complaint under the Public Gaming Act. This act prohibits gambling in most Indian states. Following the arrest, Krishnudu was granted bail and told to report back to the police at a later date.

The tip off that the police received was made by someone who was attending the function where the illegal gambling was taking place. After they received the report, police attended the property where the function was happening and immediately apprehended those participating.

In addition to arresting eight people, the police also seized eight mobile phones and Rs 2 lakh cash. This was a good result for them but is not great news for Krishnudu. He now has these significant legal issues hanging over him. It’s not the first time that this has happened to the actor.

Not the first legal issue for Krishnudu

Krishnudu’s previous brush with the law happened in 2020. This was when he was accused of molestation by a 45-year-old woman who also made allegations against 138 other people. The allegations related to alleged events that happened several years ago. Krishnudu strongly refuted the allegations and the furore that happened at the time has since subsided.

Nevertheless, this was a stressful time for Krishnudu, and the new legal issues have brought about a new period of stress for the actor. The new arrest for illegal gambling came just after midnight on 5 September 2021.

The inquiry into the events of the previous evening is still going. As part of this enquiry police will question Krishnudu. It’s not clear when this will happen and waiting for the police to speak to him further is certain to cause some sleepless nights for the actor. He will be concerned about what will happen following the questioning.

It may take some time for the police to complete their investigations concerning the illegal poker game attended by Krishnudu and the other seven people who were arrested at the same time. There is a lot of investigative work still to complete. Until the police have completed their work, and a decision on official charges is made, the actor’s life will continue to have the shadow of legal issues cast upon it.

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