Filmmaker Kunal Kohli’s aunt dies of Coronavirus after 8 weeks of struggle

Filmmaker Kunal Kohli‘s maternal aunt passed away in Chicago due to COVID-19. The director took to Twitter to share this sad news.

Kunal Kohli's aunt dies of Coronavirus

He wrote, “Lost my Masi to Covid after an 8 week struggle. In Chicago. We’re a large family that’s really close. We can’t be together at this time. This is as painful as the loss. Seeing my Mom Masi’s & Mama’s not being able to be together at this time is really hard.”

Kunal Kohli’s aunt dies of Coronavirus

In another tweet, he mentioned how he and his cousin used to sit in the car outside the hospital and pray for her as they were not allowed to go inside the hospital. “Her daughter (my cousin sister) would go to the hospital, sit in her car in the car park & pray for her mother. As she wasn’t allowed inside the hospital. Said she felt close to her as she couldn’t see her. This is how harsh Covid is. This isn’t the way to go.”

In the last tweet, he chose to share some old pictures of his aunt and talking about his huge family and the bond of the sisters. He also mentioned that COVID-19 has been harsh on his family. “5 sisters. 3 brothers too, but sisters are diff. Their bond unbreakable. Only death could break it. They taught a family & everyone they touched the meaning of love, family, giving. Covid has been harsh to our family. Won’t break our love & memories. Miss you Masi.”

May her soul rest in peace and we offer our heartfelt condolences to the family.

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