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Sushant Singh Case : K.K Singh’s lawyer says post mortem report miss some crucial details of death

Yesterday, Sushant Singh Rajput case took a new turn, his fathers lawyer Vikas Singh says that the post mortem report of Sushant does not mentions some crucial and important details as it does not clarifies the time of death of the actor. According to sources and police report the actor died of suicide by hanging himself to ceiling of fan.

Vikas singh, Sushant Singh Rajput father’s lawyers came out with some revelations about the discrepecies happened in the actors case as the hospital does not mentions the time of actors death as it can revel a lot things whether the actor was hanged after being killed or he hanged himself with the ceiling.

The lawyer raises questions on the hospital authority and Mumbai Police for their trashy investigation and claims them to be answerable on the same, and therefore the commissioned has finalized the CBI enquiry in actors death after KK singh and Bihar Police appealed for a CBI enquiry.



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