Veteran actress Mumtaz reacts on her death rumours, says I was just laughing at the situation

Recently, the rumours of the death of yesteryear actress Mumtaz flooded social media late on Friday night. 

Mumtaz reacts on her death rumours

Her daughter Tanya Madhvani dismissed the rumours of her death and said she is healthy and fine and wants the rumours to stop.

Mumtaz reacts on her death rumours

Now, when Mumtaz was asked about the same, she said, “I was getting calls throughout the night from different quarters of the world. I had to make so many calls to my relatives, my husband, daughter and sister to tell them that ‘Hey, don’t believe anything, I am alive.’ Can you imagine doing this? I had to do it. My daughter Natasha is here with her kids. You should ask her what a nuisance this was. I got calls some from unknown numbers and people just disconnected the line the moment they heard my voice. Ab pooch to nahi sakte ki Mumtaz aap zinda hain kya. Several of my fraternity members and their families called me because they were concerned. This went on till the wee hours. I was just laughing at the situation at times…ki yeh kya ho raha hai.”

When asked about a similar situation, that happened last year too, she said, “Natasha had nearly fainted when she heard about it. She called me and she was so relieved to talk to me. I was with Tanya in Rome. Natasha said, ‘Mamma, mere to pair ke neeche se zameen khisak gayi’. These hoaxes and unconfirmed news pieces about people dying is dangerous.”

She further added, “I am so blessed that I have such a beautiful family that loves me to bits. My husband, children, sons-in-law and my grandkids fill my life with so much happiness. I have everything I could have ever asked for. Aur kya maangu uparwale se? Bade bol nahi bolungi lekin, kabhi kabhi thak jaati hoon sab kuch sambhalte sambhalte. A friend of mine once asked me, what I ask for in my prayers. I said, ‘Nothing’. He’s given me more than what I wanted. Aap hi sochiye, I have a husband who calls me 10 times a day to ask about my well-being. The number is even more when I’m under the weather. He looks after me like one would look after an orchid; it’s very difficult to maintain it (laughs!).”

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Mumtaz is one of the famous actress of 60s and 70s. She starred in several hit films. There was a time when her presence in songs like Roop Tera Mastana ,Chup Gaye Saare NazaareKoi Sheri Babu among others made millions heart skip a beat.

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