Supermodel Natasha Suri files FIR against man for cyber harassment

Supermodel and former Miss India (World) Natasha Suri has filed an FIR against a man named Flynn Remedios, who has been tagging her name into objectionable content.

Natasha Suri files FIR against man for cyber harassment

According to Natasha, Remedios put up adult content tagging her name on his portals and, and also sent the same to various other websites for publication.

Natasha along with her lawyer Madhav V. Thorat filed the FIR against Remedios at Mumbai”s Dadar police station on Wednesday.

Natasha Suri files FIR against man for cyber harassment

Speaking to IANS exclusively, Natasha said: “The matter started in November 2019. Somebody started creating fake news articles and started tagging me, and putting objectionable pictures of girls in a bathroom with their faced blurred, and putting the name of some girl called Natasha Suri Singh. This is a non-exsistant name, but this man Flynn Remedios was doing this for some reason. I am his new target.”

“He started sharing these fake news articles under the garb of Natasha Suri Singh, and because there is only Natasha Suri right now, who is a model, all these instantly got linked with me. He made some fake Twitter accounts and created some horrendous news articles and some bathroom pictures, and circulated it on his portal. He has taken out pictures with no heads from porn sites and written @NatSuri on them. It’s all appearing under my Google name,” she said.

Natasha said: “Today (Wednesday), the FIR got filed because even the police realised that this guy is an actual threat and he is dangerous. He is unnecessarily dragging me into so many controversies that I am not a part of.”

The supermodel said that Remedios also stirred a controversy by running an article on his portals which stated that she has accused “Bigg Boss 13” contestant Sidharth Shukla of molestation.

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“He has taken out an article saying that ‘Natasha Suri accuses Sidharth Shukla of molestation. I have never met Sidharth Shukla in my life. I don’t know him. So, this guy is constantly pulling me into controversy,” she said.

The supermodel added: “It’s important to take these criminals to task in order to protect your honour and dignity”.

On a related note, Natasha was listed in Maxim’s list of 100 hottest women in 2016. She was last seen in the film Baa Baa Black Sheep alongside Maniesh Paul, Anupam Kher, Manjari Phadnis, Annu Kapoor and Kay Kay Menon.

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