New CBFC Chief Prasoon Joshi kick starts his work by banning Punjabi Film ‘Toofan Singh’

It has been nearly two weeks since lyricist and screenwriter Prasoon Joshi become a new chairman of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).  The appointment of Prasoon Joshi was celebrated by many in the film industry and on social media.

As all are expecting some amazing decisions to be made, benefitting the cinema world, it is now reported that a Punjabi film titled ‘Toofan Singh’ has been banned. This is apparently the first film considered for certification under Prasoon Joshi’s leadership.

The Punjabi film, Toofan Singh, that has been directed by Baghal Singh, which shows the hero Ranjit Bawa adopting terrorist tactics to fight corruption in the Indian bureaucracy and politics, has been refused certification on the grounds of excessive violence.

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According to sources, “Toofan Singh is a terrorist, who goes on a rampage killing corrupt cops and politicians. And they’ve compared him to Bhagat Singh. The film is brutal and anarchic. We couldn’t empathise with its message of brute power, let alone grant it a censor certificate.”

The interesting part here is that Toofan Singh has already been released in the overseas markets.

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