Rajkummar Rao and Shruti Haasan starrer ‘Behen Hogi Teri’ movie review is here!

Complete review of ‘Behen Hogi Teri’ 

Star Cast: Rajkummar Rao, Shruti Haasan, Herry Tangiri, Darshan Jariwala, Ninad Kamat

Director: Ajay Pannalal

Producer: Amul Mohan, Tony D’Souza

Music Director: Honey Singh, Jaydev Kumar

Rating: 3/5*

Rajkumar Rao and Shruti Haasan Starrer this film is a romantic comedy. “Behen Hogi Teri” is based on the tenuous premise that all boys in this Lucknow neighborhood are raised to regard all the girls in the area as their sisters.

Behen Hogi Teri

Story of the movie:

The movie tells the story of Gattu (Rajkummar) and his co-star, Shruti Haasan, who plays his neighbour Binni. The two live in Lucknow, where they are lovers burdened with the long tradition of ‘mohalle ki ladkiyan behen hoti hain’. Binny bullies her admirers by tying rakhee on their wrist and turning them into her rakhee brothers. Gattu has successfully managed to hide on the day of rakhee all his life just to avoid getting a rakhee from Binny. He loves Binny but he is very shy and can never muster the courage to speak up. When he finally does that, Binny falls for him too.

Twist comes in the story when Binny’s engagement comes from Rahul (Gautam Gulati). Then after the ups and downs, the result finally comes out, which will be known only by going to the theater.

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The film, directed by debutant Ajay Pannalal. Film’s direction, shooting in real location, camera work and cinematography is good. Many portions of Lucknow are well illustrated. First half of the film is fantastic and in the second half you get a glimpse of typical Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s films like Confucian moments that could be decorated. 

However, despite having average dialogues and poor acting from the female lead, director Ajay K Pannalal succeeds in making the film an entertaining and interesting watch. I absolutely loved the (although predictable) climax!

Star Performance:

Rajkumar has done a wonderful role in the small town boy and his performance is awesome. Rao imbues Gattu with an innocence and simplicity that feels authentic despite his machinations.

It’s high time Shruti Haasan starts taking acting lessons. Her half-hearted performance or probably limited ability to act (as the female lead) is noticeable throughout the film and is surely disappointing.

Harry Tengeri has done a great job as a friend of Rajkumar, the work of Gautam Gulati is also good.

Ninad Kamat is natural and delivers a lovely performance as Binny’s elder brother.

Gulshan Grover is excellent in his cameo and it would be great had he got a little more screen time.

Music Direction:

The film has lovely songs which can be heard on loop. The remake of 80’s hit song Jaanu Meri Jaan by Rishi Rich, Juggy D, Shivi and Raftaar will surely make you want to groove.

Watch Or Not: 

“Behen Hogi Teri”  is another example of Rajkummar Rao’s excellent performance; he will surely win your heart. If you like to watch some light stories than you can definitely see it once.

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