Rasbhari Trailer: Swara Bhasker raises her oomph factor as she turns the hot new teacher

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker is back with a new web series ‘Rasbhari’. The series was recently launched on Amazon prime video without any fanfare.

Rasbhari Trailer

Recently, the trailer of the series has been released. It starts with the introduction of a teacher called Mrs Shanu B, played by Sawara Bhasker, in a Meerut institute, who will teach grammar to the students. The teacher is quite attractive and manages to catch the attention of all the students. One particular student is Nand, played by Ayushmaan Saxena, who is extremely interested in her. In his pursuit to get close to the teacher, he joins her coaching classes. In one shot, he tries kissing her on the cheeks and gets slapped.

But this isn’t it, the already exciting trailer has more punch. It is later revealed that the teacher actually dies and is replaced by a doppelganger who is apparently a prostitute. With her flamboyant character, the series takes a usual yet flavourful twist.

Rasbhari also stars Rashmi Agdekar, Chittaranjan Tripathy and Neelu Kohli and is a production of Applause Entertainment.

Rasbhari Trailer:

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