Renuka Sahane appeals for financial help on behalf of close friend Nupur Alankar

Television actress Nupur Alankar is currently going through a tough time because of the PMC fiasco, which took place few months ago.

Renuka Sahane appeals for financial help

Recently, the actress’ mother needs immediate hospitalisation, but she is unable to admit her due to lack of funds, and all her acting projects have come to a halt due to the lockdown.

Now, her close friend Renuka Shahane, took to Facebook to share Nupur’s mother’s bank details and appealed to people to help her financially.

Renuka Sahane appeals for financial help

In her post, Renuka wrote, “A very dear actress friend of mine, Nupur Alankar has been facing a lot of financial problems due to all her money, unfortunately, being stuck in the PMC bank which crashed leaving their customers in the lurch. Nupur has been taking care of her ailing mother with whatever income she was generating through acting & practising alternate therapy. Due to the lockdown that work has stopped. Her mother needs hospitalization which is going to cost a lot. I am sharing her mother’s account details. Do donate whatever you can to help. Trust me when I say that Nupur is the last person who would ask for help unless she was pushed to the brink. Thank You 🙏🏽(sic).”

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Last year, Nupur spoke about her financial troubles owing to the PMC bank collapse. She had talked about her ailing mother and father-in-law who had undergone a surgery, and even had to sell some of her jewellery to pay bills.

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