Sana Saeed’s father passes away on Janta Curfew Day, actress is stuck in US

Actress Sana Saeed who played the role of Shah Rukh Khan’s on-screen daughter Anjali in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is currently going through a tough times of her life as the actress lost her father recently.

Sana Saeed's father passes away

The actress lost her ailing father on March 22, the day when the whole country observed Janta Curfew amid the novel Coronavirus outbreak. Sana revealed that her father had been suffering due to diabetes which led to multiple organ failure.

Sana Saeed’s father passes away

The actress came to know about this devastating news around at 7 am when she was in LA for an event, and she wanted to head back home; however, she couldn’t due to the Coronavirus pandemic across. Sana said, “My dad was a diabetes patient, and this led to multiple organ failure. It was around 7 am in LA when I got the news and I wanted to rush back home and hug my mother and sisters. The circumstances under which I lost my father were very unfair. But I know in my heart that he was really suffering and he’s definitely in a better place now.”

The actress added, “My family had decided to do the funeral on the same day and we had only three hours in hand. On their way, they were stopped by the cops to check, but after seeing the death certificate, they allowed them to go. Though I wasn’t there physically, my sister kept texting me every time during the ceremony.”

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This is indeed a tough time for Sana Saeed & famiy. Here’s hoping that she gathers the strength to cope up with the loss.

May her father’s soul rest in peace!

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