Sara Arfeen neighbours called cops after she receives a food delivery without wearing a mask

Television actress Sara Afreen Khan who is known for her role in Jamai Raja is currently breaking the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Sara Arfeen neighbours called cops

The actress had to face the wrath of the residents in her building, after they saw her receiving a food delivery without wearing a mask.

Sara Arfeen neighbours called cops

While talking to Spotboye, the actress said, “The only precaution one can take is stay at home. We are anyway maintaining cleanliness. We are not going outside or allowing anybody to come inside. The only problem is people are over panicking sitting at home. Last week, I went downstairs to receive my food delivery and I wasn’t wearing mask because I had to only go from the building’s lift to the main gate which is barely 6 steps away. Yet, they made an issue about it. Plus, in my building (Versova) there aren’t many people. Still, they sending group messages that you can’t step out of the building without wearing a mask. Here, I am not even talking about the uneducated people, but the educated ones who are sitting at home”.

Sara added, “Also, there are some who neighbors who are just interested in creating havoc in these difficult times. They actually called the cops on me for not wearing mask till my car! When the cops came, I asked them if not wearing a mask till the car or in my building was illegal and they said it wasn’t and went back. The cops have bigger issues instead of wasting their time in such trivial matters.”

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In the same vein, she stated, “We are blessed that we have basic things to survive. Imagine, those who don’t have the essentials. Also, let me tell you, my building is not sealed. At times we have to step out for groceries and I don’t see anyone down there as everyone is following the lockdown strictly. While we were going to get the groceries, we saw poor people on the road. So, me along with my husband and sister stepped out to distribute biscuits and we were mobbed. It just made me feel so sorry for them. We have now decided to buy ration and distribute between the poor and the needy.”

Sara has appeared in shows like Siya Ke Ram, Love Ka Hai Intezaar, Dilli Wali Thakur, Dhoondh Legi Manzil and Love Ka Hai Intezaar.

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