Kabir Singh: Shahid Kapoor opens up on his self destructive heartbreak moments

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is currently busy in the promotions of his upcoming film Kabir Singh. The film is a remake of the Telugu hit Arjun Reddy, which released in 2017. 

Shahid Kapoor opens up on his self destructive heartbreak

The actor is playing a surgeon who descends into self-destruction after a heartbreak has recently opens up on his self destructive heartbreak moments.

While talking to PTI, Shahid said, “I’ve had my very intense, self-destructive, heartbreak, angsty moments, where I’ve not been in control. Very explosive about how they’re feeling while others keep it within. But that feeling of falling apart, of self-destruction for not being able to deal with loss… Only from great love can come great anger. He is a phase in everyone’s life and that’s how I connected with the character.”

Shahid Kapoor opens up on his self destructive heartbreak

Shahid says as an actor, he is required to channelise negative emotions, including heartbreak.

“You have to channelise all kinds of negative emotions and turn them into positive, otherwise they can take you down, heartbreak being one of them. You’ve to learn to channelise these energies, if you can’t, you become Kabir Singh!”

“The worst thing to do is to delve in self-pity because it keeps you in a place way longer than you need to be. The first thing I do is to try and run away from it. I don’t like to indulge in self-pity, it’s very dangerous.” he added.

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Directed by Sandeep Vanga, Kabir Singh is scheduled to hit theatres on June 21, 2019.

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