BB 13: Shehnaaz denies saving Mahira during nominations, says tumhare jaise ko game mai sikhati hu

Bigg Boss 13 has been full of fights, controversies and lots of drama. The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 13 will be a nomination task.

Shehnaaz denies saving Mahira during nominations

In tonight’s episode, we will see how Shehnaaz changes the whole game by denying to save her former friend Mahira Sharma from nominations.

A new promo doing rounds on the internet shows housemates sitting in the living room taking the name of contestant they want to save. They take Mahira Sharma’s name. But, Shehnaz refuses to agree and says that Mahira is not afraid of nominations so why should she save her.

Shehnaaz denies saving Mahira during nominations

Mahira gets angry and tells Paras that she is annoyed to hear Shehnaz’s voice. Paras advises her to ignore Shehnaz and let her talk sh*t. After cancelling Mahira’s name, they next suggest Arti’s name. Here too, Shehnaz refuses to save Arti. Shehnaz goes around saying that she will show everyone how to play the game.

 Arti is highly disappointed and hurt, and talking to Paras about the same, she tells him that she did not expect this from Sana, at all. Paras then says that he knew it all along, he just wanted to expose her game.

Paras tells Sidharth that Shehnaz has become very rude and going in a wrong track. Sidharth tells him that she will soon see her own fall.

Watch the promo here:

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