Post cancer treatment, Sonali Bendre takes aqua therapy session, watch

Sonali Bendre become a role model and an inspiration to millions. The 44-year-old actor was diagnosed with high-grade cancer last year and had to undergo treatment in New York.

Sonali Bendre takes aqua therapy session

After spending a few months there, she returned to India In December last year. Ever since the actress’ return to India, she’s been living life to the fullest.

 In a recent Instagram post, Sonali shared that she’s started attending aqua therapy sessions as she is looking forward to getting back to her routine.

Sonali Bendre takes aqua therapy session

The actress shared video of herself doing aqua therapy and captioned it as, “Warning: This isn’t as easy as it looks. My new aqua therapy training sessions are tough but definitely easier than doing this in normal conditions. #MyNewNormal involves looking for solutions and not creating excuses… finding what works for me. #KDAH P.S. Thank God I didn’t drop my phone! ”

In the video, the actress is seen working out in a tank of water. She can be seen walking on a treadmill, exercising and lifting weights. She also warned her followers that the exercise isn’t as easy as it looks.

Sonali also appeared on Neha Dhupia’s chat show BFFs last month with friends Sussanne Khan and Gayatri Oberoi. She broke down on the show while talking about her struggle. The actor revealed how she felt like being hit by a train on hearing the news and said, “I hadn’t slept at all and that was the night when I acknowledged everything, accepted everything. This is it and this is going to be my last crying of how did I get this, why is this happening to me.”

She added, “From this moment on, its going to be a happiness, its going to be a smile. And when I saw the sun coming up, I clicked that and sent it to my family and I said, ‘Girls, switch on the sunshine’.”

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