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Sudhir Mishra slams trolls for claiming man beaten up by police in viral video is him

Amidst the lockdown and quarantine phase, a video of a man is doing the rounds on social media.

Sudhir Mishra slams trolls

In the video, a man was being hit by a few policemen for loitering out. It was made viral and forwarded to various mediums with a message that read, it is the famous filmmaker, Sudhir Mishra in the video.

Sudhir Mishra slams trolls

The man in the video is seen standing near a shopping complex and outside a queue maintained by police officers. He is in a yellow shirt and beige shorts and has a head full of long white hair, which is perhaps why some confused him with Sudhir. When the man wouldn’t listen to the police to fall in line, they hit him with batons.

Famous director-Sudhir Mishra getting beaten by police

Posted by Harry Sadhnani on Sunday, March 29, 2020

When Sudhir came across the tweets and the video, he fired back at trolls in a string of tweets. “I am quite amused that people think I would take a beating without reacting . Every tall white haired guy is not me . What shocks me is that the glee of the troll brigade . How sick ! Whoever that coward who takes a beating like that , it ain’t me , sickos ! Get a life,” he wrote. “Look at the joy of these people spreading a blatantly wrong video ? Do you have think I should sue the lot of them ? These half blind morons with sh*t in their brains who can’t zoom into a picture?,” he added.

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