Sunidhi Chauhan First Time Flaunts 6 Months Baby Bump During Live Show In Mumbai, See Pics!

Singer Sunidhi Chauhan has been missing from the limelight for quite some time, but the versatile singer has a valid reason. Sunidhi is expecting her first child with husband Hitesh Sonik, and is six months pregnant.

Sunidhi, who recently turns 34, has been busy wrapping up her professional commitments before she delivers the baby.

Sunidhi Chauhan live show

A source close to the “Crazy Kiya Re” singer told us, “Yes, Sunidhi is five months pregnant. She hasn’t announced it to many except her family and close friends. In fact, she has minimalised her outings as to avoid any paparazzi spotting her with her baby bump. She is very excited and like any soon to be mommy, is busy preparing for the baby’s arrival and decorating her house.”

And now the Mom-to-be has come out for the first time a month later, flaunting her baby bump of 6 months at a live singing event in Mumbai.

Sunidhi Chauhan live show

Sunidhi enthralled the Mumbai audience with her sensational voice during a LIVE show but what impressed fans more than her voice was that she chose to do it during her pregnancy.

“Live gigs and recordings have their own unique charm. On live shows, I am more free but yet in my mind, I have to keep a control because you can not go over board with singing or any style with which you are experimenting,” Sunidhi told IANS.

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The singer, who had a live gig at Dublin Square, Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla in Mumbai on Saturday, added, “Recording studios are very challenging because you have to imagine this whole world, but actually you are not in that atmosphere, you are in a closed room.”

Sunidhi Chauhan live show

She also said, “If it is a very high tempo sound then you have to imagine the crowd and the energy, for romantic song you have to imagine that you are with your lover…Both have their own difficulties but I enjoy doing them both.”

Sunidhi Chauhan live show

Sunidhi said she was happy to perform in Mumbai. Talking about the gig, the “Kamli” hitmaker said, “I don’t have many shows in Mumbai… This is where I belong and performing in front of them is very exciting.”

After her first marriage to choreographer Bobby Khan failed at the very young age of 18, Sunidhi tied the knot with music composer Hitesh Sonik in 2012, after dating him for two years.


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