Swara Bhasker travels from Mumbai to Delhi via road as her mother suffers an injury

Bollywood actress Swara Bhasker travelled to her hometown Delhi from Mumbai by Road as her mother has suffered a fracture.

Swara Bhasker travels from Mumbai to Delhi

According to reports, Swara took necessary permission from authorities and made the journey over two days.

Swara Bhasker travels from Mumbai to Delhi

Speaking with The Times Of India, Swara said that last week her mom Ira Bhasker, who lives in Delhi, fell and fractured her shoulder and that she had been worried for her mom. “It is a fracture of the collarbone, so her whole torso is in a brace and she has to keep her right hand and right side of the torso immobilised. Luckily, my sister-in-law was in Delhi and was able to move in and help my mom. But I had been feeling both restless and guilty for not being in Delhi, so when movement was allowed, I got the necessary permissions and decided to go from Mumbai to Delhi by road,” she said.

She further said that she has gone through necessary self-isolation and home-quarantine protocols. She traveled with her five pets and her cook first reached Udaipur after a 14-hour-drive from Mumbai, stayed overnight in Udaipur, and then drove 10 hours more to reach Delhi.

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Interestingly, Swara’s visit came as a surprise to her parents as she didn’t tell them that she’s visiting them in Delhi.

Here’s wishing Swara’s mother a speedy recovery!

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