Balaji Telefilms executive Vice President Tanusri Dasgupta tests positive for Covid-19, hospitalised

Tanusri Dasgupta, the Executive Vice President of Balaji Telefilms tested positive for COVID-19. She was hospitalised on Saturday night and is hopeful about being back home soon.

Tanusri Dasgupta tests positive for Covid-19

She was on home quarantine earlier, but on July 4 she was admitted to the Seven Hills Hospital in Mumbai, as she needed to be on oxygen support.

Tanusri’s mother was first diagnosed with the Coronavirus, and she did not need hospitalisation as she showed mild symptoms.

Tanusri Dasgupta tests positive for Covid-19

“I was brought to the hospital on Saturday night when I hit a low on oxygen. The doctor did a blood test and advised me to get admitted so that I can be monitored. Before that I was at home with my mother who had also tested positive. But she did not need to be hospitalised. She was home quarantined and is on her way to recovery,” she said.

“I caught a deeper strain I think and had to be admitted. The staff here has been extremely helpful in nursing me back to health. I still have cough, due to bronchitis and am being treated for the same. Yes, it was scary for a few days, but if you are in good hands there is no fear. We all are recovering and I will be back home soon,” Tanusri added.

We wish Tanusri a speedy recovery!

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