What Are the Best Bollywood Casino Movies of All Time?

It doesn’t matter where you are on the planet. It seems like casino themed movies are always popular. Every major film studio has created some classics, and that extends beyond the United States. In fact, in Bollywood there are several great casino themed movies as well.

Loving to Play

While maybe not as splashy as Vegas, Macau, or the French Riviera, India has their own casinos as well. Not only do they have great offshore facilities for tourists and residents to enjoy, but construction on a brand-new resort-casino is about to get underway. No doubt the people in India love casinos.

Teen Patti

This movie quickly captures the attention of audiences because of its true to life portrayal of casino style action. Released in 2010, it provided a lot of entertaining scenes, including the relationship between the lead characters. However, the film also did a great job in depicting gambling scenes in a very authentic way.

The film is based upon a famous mathematician who works with a famed gambler to try to put the probability formula of the mathematician, known as Percy, into action. While it does include a lot of mathematics in the discussion of how they will succeed, that part of the movie proved to be a very authentic aspect to the film. Even though complicated, it is not such that it takes away from the enjoyment of the movie. It is no wonder that casino style games have been built using this film as their theme.

That love to play has translated into the online casino sites. There is a large number of people who were unable to get out to the offshore facilities, but they can play online. Searching online allows them to find and play many of their favorite casino style games. Like the best options for online Teen, Patti can be found at www.bestcasinosites.net/india/teen-patti/, this has become so popular among people who are searching popular games to play.

Where Stars Shine

Because of the popularity of casino style games in India, it is not surprising that the film industry in the country would use this genre as the theme of many of their movies. It has also drawn some of the top actors and actresses in the country.

India has an incredible group of high-profile actors who have graced the big screen. Much of the industry in the country is similar to what you would find in the United States. There are important gala events and award shows that are attended by the nation’s best actors, many of whom are dressed in extravagant gowns and attire.

They are drawn in the same way that an actor in Hollywood would be. So, it is not surprising that Bali would be able to lure top actors to perform in these movies. While there have been a number of great ones, here are the top 10 Indonesian actors that stand out.

The Great Gambler

This is a classic, released in 1970. It was one of the very best early Bollywood movies built around casinos. What made it such a popular hit was that it drew Amitabh Bachchan in the starring role. The actor has started in several of Bollywood’s best productions, and his presence in the film instantly drew audiences.

Bachchan starred as Jai, a boy who winds up being stuck with a crooked gambler. What the gambler soon discovers is that Jai is actually a gambling genius of his own. He then uses the boy’s skills to beat the odds at the casino. While the casino is the main backdrop of the film, it is the relationship between Jai and the gambler that is truly captivating.


Released in 2008, the film stars Emraan Hashmi as a man who is obsessed in becoming an extremely successful gambler so that he can win over the love of his life. The character pushes himself to become the very best and follows his quest through betting on cricket matches all the way up to becoming a successful gambler, placing bets worth millions of rupees.

While there are several casino scenes in the movie, it is the relationship between Hashmi and his love that really draws in the audience. This film became the breakthrough that the actor was looking for, as he has grown in popularity since its release.


Released a year after The Great Gambler, this film is centered around Pandey, a lazy police officer who has had a troubled past. Pandey is unable to maintain his job of the police force and turns to a life of gambling and smuggling.

The interesting dynamic of the film is the relationship between Pandey and his mother. The mother had done everything possible to turn her troubled child around during his teenage years and was excited when he joined the police force. However, his quest to become a professional gambler causes a serious rift with his mother. It is a truly captivating film.


Striker came out in 2010 and has a very special place in the hearts of Indians everywhere. It is based around Suryakant Sarang, a 12-year-old genius who is extremely skilled in card games even as a youth. In fact, even at a young age he is able to win major championships. The film follows his quest to become the very best, but also shows how he struggles with poverty and hunger. It will draw you in and leave you crying in many instances.

These are fantastic films produced by Bollywood. Sadly, many outside of India are unfamiliar with these films but, if you have not seen them, time to head out to your favorite movie streaming service to watch. You will enjoy every minute of them.


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