‘The Casino’ is one of the most interesting new shows in the Indian streaming space

The extended lockdown that has been in place due to COVID-19 has created a need for entertainment amongst people, as they look for ways to pass the time while being at home. Streaming services have become immensely popular during this time for this very reason, and a lot of new content has been provided on these sites for fans to watch. One of the most interesting and exciting new shows that have recently premiered on the Indian streaming website, Zee5, is ‘The Casino’. 


‘The Casino’ is intriguing because it is about a topic on which content is not usually made in India, and that is gambling. However, this is something that has, oddly enough, become even more relevant nowadays at a global level. With physical casinos having to shut down all over the world due to the pandemic, people have actually shifted to playing at online casinos for real money, and while some casino operators have benefited from this by setting up their own websites, there are concerns that this could be a bit of a permanent trend as well, with people choosing to stay indoors and access their favorite games from the comfort and safety of their couch.


Coming back to the show itself, ‘The Casino’ is a story about the heir to a multi-million rupee casino and the various power struggles and politics that go on behind the scenes as multiple people try to gain control of this very lucrative business. Karanvir Bohra plays the lead role as Vicky, the aforementioned heir, who, despite all his wealth and power, is a simple, kind, and humble young man. He has to fight to claim his rightful inheritance after his mother’s death, as his father’s mistress does everything in her power to deny him and win the casino business for herself.

The trailer of the show had certainly caught quite a few eyeballs and caused a lot of talk on social media, with the public being pleasantly surprised by the acting abilities and the drama on display, and thus waiting for the show to be released so that they could dive straight in. The first season of ‘The Casino’ has ten episodes, all of which are now available to stream on the Zee5 platform, and the early reactions have all been positive, with the acting talent as well as the story and drama being praised. Additionally, the show has also been shot in some stunning locations in Nepal, with the action in the casino also ready to take your breath away, and there being copious amounts of glitz, glamour, and intrigue to keep fans hooked for the duration of the season.

‘The Casino’ is a riveting drama full of mind games, manipulation, and entertainment as the lead characters try to gain control of this huge, lucrative casino, and they will stop at nothing and nobody to achieve their aims. Fans will surely be rooting for Bohra’s character to come out on top eventually, as he fights off the tricks and traps laid by Rehana, his father’s mistress, played by Mandana Karimi, and it will be interesting to see if the show comes back with a second season. Based on the audience response so far, it seems likely that the makers would want at least another season of the show to keep riding the wave of popularity, and this is a must-watch for fans of the gambling genre, as well as fans of drama shows in general, as ‘The Casino’ has all of these elements aplenty to keep people hooked till the end of the season.

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