Rangoli Chandel, Sona Mohapatra & Tanushree Dutta slams Vikas Bahl’s acquittal in sexual harassment case

Recently, filmmaker Vikas Bahl has given a clean chit in his sexual misconduct case.  Due to which, Vikas name was reinstated as director of Super 30.  As soon as the news came out, a lot of people shared their thoughts about the same on their social media pages.

Vikas Bahl's acquittal in sexual harassment case

Kangana Ranaut sister’s Rangoli Chandel who is quite active on Twitter reacted to Vikas being cleared of sexual harassment charges. She tweeted, “Alok Nath ke baad Vikas Bahl gets clean chit, whereas girls will be shamed all their lives for raising their voices, Bollywood scum land on this earth remember jaise woh film piti thi yeh bhi pitegi….(contd)”.

Rangoli’s second tweet read, “(Contd)…tum logon ka hisab hoga, there is a world beyond this world, where a woman’s cry isn’t unheard …”.

Vikas Bahl’s acquittal in sexual harassment case

Sona Mohapatra also slams Vikas Bahal’s acquittal and wrote, “The fraternity, film makers, crews, actors & all participants of this industry who know the truth should stand up & want to clean up this open secret of a mess?This is a systemic issue.Rehabilitation of such men will harm us all.Their disease will show up sooner or later..”

Tanushree Dutta also asked Hrithik to take a stand. While talking to an entertainment portal, she said, “This is ghor kalyug!” she says. “What is this Reliance committee? Who are the members of this committee? Reliance committees are giving clean chits while law and order and police investigation is still pending? Of course all these committees will give clean chits. They are made up of such people. Clean chit is valid only when police or judiciary of India gives it. The rest is corruption,” she adds.

The actress wonders how a clean chit is connected to the victim’s silence. “So if the victim didn’t press charges, how is a clean chit possible? It’s an internal complaints committee. Such committees have been operating for ages clearing rapists, molesters and harassers. This is just a PR stunt to get image control, so these weirdos (#MeToo accused) can get back to business. And the victim not pressing charges is not surprising given the shame, stigma and hassle of a court case,” she says.

Tanushree has urged actor Hrithik Roshan to take a stand on the matter. “India needs to buckle up, and our Bollywood stars need to be much more responsible as millions look up to them as their idols,” she adds.

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“Reinstating someone accused of such heinous acts is not acceptable. Come on, Hrithik. I thought you were different! Take a stand,” she adds.

Bahl was facing charges of sexually harassing a woman, who used to work as a crew member with him.

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