Live Update Winner Of Bigg Boss 13 : Sidharth, Shehnaz and Asim in Top 3

This season of Bigg Boss has so far been the most engaging as compared to its last few years. With the constant fights, the zest to make it to the finale and also keep the viewers entertained, all housemates have put up a great show. The grand finale is going to have some sizzling performances by finalists and former contestants, solo acts, comedy acts and more. Host Salman Khan is going to perform on some of his superhit numbers. Sunil Grover too will add the Tadka with his hilarious act. Also, who is going to walk away with the cash prize and who’s going to win the trophy? The winner will take away home a cash prize of Rs 50 lakhs and a swanky car. Stay tuned for all the live updates right here.


Last Update :

After Rashami, Shehnaz Gill comes out of the house. She is happy and tells, ‘Bigg Boss I love you’. Asim and Sidharth will fight for the trophy.

Shehnaz and Sidharth open their boxes gathered from the task and are safe. Asim and Rashami open their boxes together. Rashami gets the evicted card.

Along with the Khatron Ke Khiladi contestants, BB13 contestants Rashami, Asim and Sidharth take the challenge. They perform well.

Rohit Shetty takes Shehnaz’ name to put her head in a box full of mice. She refuses to do the task saying she is scared.

Parash Chabra Take Briefcase And Quit From Show And Take Briefcase of 10 Lakh Rupees

Salman Khan shows a briefcase filled with Rs 10 lakh. He asks anyone to pick the briefcase if they are not sure about winning the title.

Arti Singh goofs up Manmohan Singh’s name and calls him Manmohan Desai. Everyone starts laughing. Shehnaz corrects her and tells Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Comedian Sunil Grover comes dressed as Donald Trump, Manmohan Singh, Tanhaji and other characters. He also mimics host Salman Khan.

Salman Khan makes fun of Shehnaz saying that Kartik Aaryan and Gautam Gulati will be in her swayamvar. He adds saying Sidharth will host the show.

Rashami confesses that she is talking to her mother after a year and a half. Her mother tells that they used to chat on WhatsApp.

Paras’ mother tells that she didn’t want him to participate in the show. She was aware about his aggression and didn’t know how he will react.

Housemates’ parents share their feelings and here Rashami breaks down seeing her mother Rasil on screen. She cries inconsolably.


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